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timid_sunshine's Journal

Hinata Hyuuga
27 December
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Hinata Hyuuga
Age : 16 | Starsign : Capricorn | Blood Type : A

What she's listening to! ♥

Things to know about Hinata...
She is not your typical Host. While it may seem like she is always uncomfortable she does like being a part of the club. It's just difficult for her to socialize with most people, especially the ones she doesn't know. She's shy, modest and if she's ever the center of attention, she will try to deflect it onto someone else.

Online it's easier for her to talk to people, and even though she doesn't try to get much attention, she can still hold up a pretty good conversation that way. However, no matter how much she has chatted with someone online, if they approached her in person she would still be prone to becoming her usual shy and reserved self.

Likes: crocheting, disney movies, watching tv, cooking, making friends, naruto ♥, tivo, reading, cinnamon rolls

Dislikes: rainy days, being the center of attention, big crowds, disappointing others, stuttering, bullies, people that are mean for no reason

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