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Sunday, June 21 2009

It's raining again... I'll keep my fingers crossed that the rain will stop soon so I can take my bicycle out again because I had a good time the last time I had a chance to go out. In the meantime I've been keeping busy watching old movies and playing on Pony Island. It's taken over a year, but I think I finally have the hang of things there. I am still a little confused on how much things are worth there, but I think I'm getting better at it. :) If anyone else joins let me know! I have some extra PG and BP that I can give you so you can get started. I could also spare some ponies if you'd like some. Most of what I own are Fairies, but I have a couple other breeds too.

I called my parents but I guess they're too busy because I could only get their voice mail. I let them know that everything was good and left my father a message. I hope everyone remembered today is Father's Day! 

Has everyone decided what they're doing this summer? I was probably just going to stay home most of the time, and maybe go out a little to see people, but I probably should stay home since my family is gone. I could ride out to the park more and maybe a picnic? Oh! We could have a bar b que for the host club clients... that would be fun, right?

I'm almost done with my book but when I heard the next book won't be out for a couple more months I started reading less because I don't want to wait too long before I find out what happens next. I might also pick up something new from the library to read over the summer... does anyone have any suggestions? 

P.S. Naruto and Tayuya: I'm sorry I didn't reply to your comments in my last post. I really wasn't sure about what to say and after awhile I didn't want to interrupt your conversation. And I wasn't aware that you could ride a bike illegally... so I hope that I'm not breaking any law. D:

[OOC--- I am going to be using my own Pony Island account as if it's Hinata's and will be collecting ponies that she would have. There will be one for everybody on the game here and she will give them nicknames. If there is a nickname you'd like her to use let me know, but I might change them slightly when I use them. :) Otherwise I'll come up with nicknames on my own! i am such a huge nerd.]
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